For years, I’ve been collaborating with several good French clients, and it’s been great!! 🙂

France is very well-known for its high-context culture; a whole bunch of intricate (yet often bombastically bold!) nuances is packed in a spoonful of short sentence… and unfortunately, those nuances are often lost in translation.

Now, just imagine the amount of information lost and misinterpreted while a French voice script is translated to English, then to Japanese. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it??

Added to this inconvenience, we don’t have enough French-to-Japanese translators out there who could transfer high-context messages in French directly to Japanese, which is also known for its high-context culture. Especially nowadays that translation rates are so ridiculously low everywhere, more and more linguists are giving up on pursuing translation as a professional career option, while good & successful pros are booked solid up to her/his nose.

So… How do we get out of this literal suffocation of the entire communication industry? Polish up on Google Translate, day by day, maybe? … Please forgive my wry sense of humor 😉 But seriously, we need to improve this situation somehow, very soon.

Any ideas???