Prior to this month, I was grappling with a bit of dilemma.

On all of my 4 functioning workstations (MacPro, Mac mini, and two laptops), I had different versions of command-line job tools installed. So when I call up a tool – say, “jQuote” for assessing/quoting Japanese VO scripts – it’d behave differently across workstations… and that’s a problem.

For several years, I kept up with manually updating and synchronizing versions of all those command line tools (about 16 of them, all written in Python) until I got too busy and could not do this chore any longer.

Then it dawned on me. GitHub to the rescue!

Octocat - the GitHub mascot

GitHub is a de facto standard of version tracking service that can be used free of charge (up to certain degrees… but then their service fee isn’t that steep). I just wish I’d utilize this service sooner.

Plus… Just have a look at him/her, Octocat; isn’t s/he adorable? 🙂